We are researching better ways of running companies.

Designing effective change is a key challenge.  Our research concludes that if change is hard to achieve, it is probably either poorly conceived, or poorly designed, or both.  That is perhaps a painful thought, but it can save a lot of pain in the future.

An effective change path is simple, impeccable, and organic. Light touch change is intentional transformation that flows effortlessly to desired outcomes.

The Centre is researching and teaching methods to achieve this. We know it is possible to perfectly nudge contexts and patterns within existing structures and processes to achieve precise and ethical outcomes.

There are typically three effects: 1) clarification and redesign of intended outcomes 2) radical reduction in time to achieve these 3) significantly reduced costs.

Key change maxims   have proved  wrong.

We promote better ways.

We are delighted to support the Reframing Leadership programme, which gives experience of the new principles in just three days.


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The Centre is generously  supported by the Partners at Thinking.