We are researching better ways of running companies.

The Centre was initiated by Angus Jenkinson. The design of business tools has been a motif of  his professional career as  tech entrepreneur, consultant and professor,  He concludes, "Business methods lag the needs of the times. In fact, they are often truly dysfunctional. The future needs better methods and ideas. There is more scope for innovation in management itself than any other field of business."


Companies are getting more difficult to manage. The  solutions proposed generally no longer serve. The Centre for Thinking Futures is working with scholars, practitioners and NGOs internationally. We use interdisciplinary science and social craft to make a difference.

Companies and C-suite leaders worldwide  experience severe pain points as complexity, risk, pace and  scale of challenge increase.

•  Business school and consulting offerings routinely do little or worse.

•  For billions, the workplace is not a source of regular satisfaction.

•  Innovation is stagnant in many large  companies. Pension funds do not keep pace with needs.

•  Ethics and governance are challenging.

•  Ecological challenges are increasing. The planet is at risk. Aid efforts have a poor record.

•  Customers often lack trust and satisfaction.


Our research programmes are still developing but we have several books and a number of resources in development and on offer.  Please contact us to participate.

The Centre is generously  supported by the Partners at Thinking.